Kristen Cranking the Blazer in Gloves & Boots

Kristen Cranking the Blazer in Gloves & Boots

June 26th, 2012

Kristen is leaving for work but feels that someone is watching her.  She gets in the Blazer and with it being as cold as it is, it isn’t going to start very easily.  She keeps looking over her shoulder, concerned that someone (or something?) is there and she keeps trying hard to get her truck to crank!

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  1. Kristen Cranking The Blazer / Pink OTK Boots / Cold Winter Morning

    Its a cold winter morning Kristen is going to drive her blue early 1980’s Blazer to work with it being so cold in the morning she usually has to do some cranking to get it to start. Kristen is wearing a black dress, black coat, black leather gloves, pink OTK boots. Something doesn’t feel right Kristen thinks someone or something is watching her,she walks from the house she opens the drivers door the keys are in the visor.

    Kristen puts the keys in the ignition at first she doesn’t pump the gas pedal when she turns the key the engine wont start after about 10 seconds Kristen begins to pump the gas pedal as shes cranking. Kristen looks over her shoulder every now and then the engine doesn’t sputter or try to tease her she keeps trying.

    With the drivers side door open Shish is getting a whole body shot of Kristen as shes cranking and pumping you’ll see him now and then in the rear view mirror, a little later the passenger side door is open Shish also gets whole body and footwell shots he also gets in the back seat and gets a whole body and some footwell shots. Kristen is still looking over her left shoulder she thinks somebody is watching her why she thinks this I don’t know.

    With all that cranking and pumping that Kristen has been doing for close to 10 minutes the battery begins to get weak really fast. Kristen keeps trying with all that pumping of the gas pedal either she flooded the carburetor or maybe the fuel line might be plugged up. Kristen is getting frustrated she pounds the steering wheel at least two times as she tries to get the Blazer to start shes pumping the gas pedal rapidly now it still does no good.

    Finally Kristen has had enough of the Blazer for one day she stops cranking she removes the keys from the ignition, she gets out she closes the drivers door she walks back in the house so she can call somebody to come pick her up and drive her to work.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Kristen is walking back to the house. The End.

    Kristen you did a great cranking video, for those of you who like pink OTK boots your going to like these boots. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Kristen really did a great job on this one love that cranking and cranking I prefer aggressive cranking and pumping but some thing about her Style just excited me to no end

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