Kristen Working the Volvo Pedals in Wedge Sandals, 2 of 3

Kristen Working the Volvo Pedals in Wedge Sandals, 2 of 3

March 16th, 2016

In part 2, Kristen drives the Volvo around working all 3 pedals in her wedge sandals and shifting that long gear shifter in those leather gloves.

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  1. Kristen Mixed In The Volvo / Black Leather Gloves & Tan Wedge Sandals /1080 I MP4 HD / Clip 2 Of 3

    As we continue from clip one now that Kristen has the Volvo started and warmed up she puts the gearshift into first gear, she slowly goes down the driveway and make a right turn. If you look at the instrument cluster the emergency brake light is still lit either Kristen didn’t lower the emergency brake lever all the way or it’s a bad sending unit this happens now and then, after making her right turn she shifts from first through fourth gears going no more then 30 35 Mph max with the clutch in she revs the engine she does this at least one more time.

    Kristen turns in a neighborhood she’s in second gear going no more then 20 MPH she turns around a culdesac and stops at a stop sign she’s about to make a turn. I think a right turn as Shish gets whole body video from the backseat from the right side of Kristen’s head down to her feet, so far the drive is uneventful the Volvo is behaving itself. As clip one is coming to an end Kristen stops at a stop sign she shifts into first gear as she’s about to make a right turn. What will clip three bring us ? Will the Volvo keep behaving itself or will the engine stall out on Kristen? If so will she get the engine started up right away or will she have to fight it by cranking and pumping the Volvo’s gas pedal?

    We will have to wait and find out in the final in this three part series. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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