Kristen Revving Monte Carlo – #202

Kristen Revving Monte Carlo – #202

December 16th, 2011

This video starts out with Kristen slipping on her sneakers over her tall, knee-high socks just before she heads out the door.  She goes to the Monte Carlo and proceeds in giving it a revving workout!  She revs in her sneakers for most of the video, doing some quick stabbing and slower revving, causing the rpm’s to go all over the place.  The car rocks from her constant manipulation of the gas pedal.  She only gives it a short break when she does finally take her sneakers off but it’s quickly back to revving!  When she’s finally had enough, she turns the car off and walks off, not a word is spoken.

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  1. Kristen Revving The Monte-Carlo / Brown Leather Nike’s/ Custom# 202

    Kristen is doing a custom revving clip in the Monte-Carlo shes wearing a red long sleeve shirt with Eagle written on it, denim shorts, brown Nike’s, white knee – high socks with red trim, as the clip begins Kristen is sitting on the couch she puts her Nike’s on she walks out to the Monte-Carlo walking down the wooden deck , the Monte-Carlo is close to the deck.

    Kristen is inside the Monte-Carlo with the drivers side door open she puts the keys in the ignition. The engine doesn’t start for Kristen at first she has to pump the gas pedal a few times it starts right up on the second try Kristen is revving the engine really good she shows the Monte-Carlo whose boss after about 2 min 50 seconds of revving Kristen takes off her right Nike and continues to rev the engine with her white knee-high socks.

    Shish is getting great video hes in the passenger seat getting upper body and footwell shots as Kristen is revving the Monte-Carlo if Chieftp is watching this clip hes probably doing back flips by now this is a short custom clip only 5:00 min, Shish is also getting video from the drivers side wile Kristen is revving the engine, only Kristen’s right Nike is off her foot her left Nike is still on her left foot.

    Kristen is finished revving the Monte-Carlo she shuts off the engine she takes the keys out of the ignition, she takes her left Nike off she gets out of the Monte-Carlo she closes the drivers side door shes walking back up the stairs to the house.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Kristen is walking towards the house. The End. Kristen you did a great revving clip who ever ordered this revving clip I hope you liked it I sure did. Shish or Scarlet your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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