Paige Erin Turner Cranks for You but NO Touching

Paige Erin Turner Cranks for You but NO Touching

January 7th, 2014

You two are chatting at her vehicle but you find yourself staring her feet wrapped in some super strappy peep-toe stiletto high heel shoes.  Her legs are covered in a super tight pair of ‘liquid’ leggings…your mind wanders and–“Are you hearing any of what I am saying?”, Paige asks you.
Busted!!  You’re in trouble now…or are you?

**This video covers the between-the-legs view and a ‘no-touching’ request.**


2 thoughts on “Paige Erin Turner Cranks for You but NO Touching”

  1. WOW, Paige Erin!! That was one of the greatest teasing vids ever seen regarding female pedal pumping/cranking! You tapped directly into what any male hopes to see when a great looking gal like you can’t start up her car. Paige Erin your performance was literally off the charts excellent. Paige Erin in that sexy, tight outfit with the leggings would have had any male absolutely mesmerized with her level of flirting. The camera work, with the lens at points in the vid practically inches away from her legs, (spread apart once she sat in the driver’s seat) provided a tantalizing view. Couple that with Paige’s statement that you can” look but not touch” would have made it impossible for any heterosexual male to have taken his eyes off of what he was watching. Paige understood quite clearly what she was doing to the viewer, asking if her pumping the gas pedal and her right leg bobbing up and down was arousing. Gee, you think Paige Erin? Who wouldn’t have wanted to place one of his hands on that right thigh of yours not keeping still as you were giving the gas pedal a workout in those sexy stiletto open-toed sandals?

    The sexual innuendo was raised even higher when Paige mentioned that pumping the gas pedal slowly might have been referring to something else; no need to have a doctorate degree to understand her meaning. Paige capped off her brilliant performance at the end of the vid when, after failing to get the Jeep started she asked if the viewer didn’t mind if she spent the night at his house – despite her earlier stating that she was in a relationship with someone else.

    To answer the question that ShisH posed in the vid’s description “You’re in trouble now. . . or are you? Paige Erin’s thought process as she got out of the car deciding to spend the night over at the viewer’s house seemed to indicate that “no”, the viewer is not in any kind of trouble. As a matter of fact, it seemed as if Paige Erin might have some plans for you the viewer herself. now not willing to leave until the following morning. The camera capturing Paige Erin’s sensual walk up the patio steps, (filmed from behind and focused on the lower half of her body) was the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae. SEXY,all in capital letters!

    Great job, Paige Erin. I can only imagine that a majority of this site’s members will download and save this vid for future viewing. Thank you ShisH for filming this vid and to Paige Erin for her scintillating performance. It’s but another reason why PTP goes where no other site even dreams of going!

  2. Paige Erin Turner Cranking The Wagoneer / Black Strappy Stiletto Sandals / No Touching

    Paige has just Finnish eating dinner at a mail friends house there outside standing besides her 1986 Jeep Wagoneer, there talking back and forth you her mail friend are staring at her feet. Paige has black strappy stiletto sandals on her feet she’s wearing an all black outfit, black leather coat, black v-neck shirt, black shiny leather leggings. After talking to you for a little bit Paige asks if your listening to anything that she’s saying? Paige gets in the Jeep, she sees you staring at her feet, she tells you that she’s dating someone. Paige tries to get the Jeep to start, the engine wont even so much as sputter.

    As Paige is cranking she notices that you like watching her try to get the jeep to start. Shish is getting a mixture of whole body shots and some really good closeups of her feet, and a good closeup of her right foot as shes pumping the gas pedal, he also gets a good closeup of her face and her crotch as her left leg is outside, the battery is beginning to get weak with each turn of the ignition key. Paige isn’t sure the Jeep is going to start, she thinks she’s going to the house to call someone to come over and work on the Jeep. Paige asks her mail friend if she can stay over for the night, he says yes as Paige gets out the Jeep with a big smile on her face she walks up the stairs on the wooden deck and goes through the sliding glass door.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Paige is walking up the stairs on the wooden deck. The End.

    Paige you did a great cranking video in the Jeep your feet look really sexy in those black strappy stiletto sandals. Shish your camera work as usual great good work all !!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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