Paige has never had much seat time in the Volvo, so, I decide to let her go get situated in the Volvo while I changed lenses because I’m going to let her have some quality time with the Volvo today. I approach the car and it doesn’t take but a few moments before she’s throwing me some sass! lol We banter back and forth some as she cranks the Volvo, which is turning over slooow…bad starter, I think. She even comments on how sickly it sounds. She gives the floor-mounted gas pedal a few pumps and spins it over…rinse, repeat until the battery sounds like it’s shot. She let’s it sit for a moment then tries again and gets it fired up. There is some stalling as the Volvo isn’t wanting to run for long. Near the end of the clip, I have her romp on it some and you get to see some black smoke come shooting out of the exhaust and blowing the leaves around.