Paige Erin Turner in Nylons & Gloves Going to Work, 1 of 4

Paige Erin Turner in Nylons & Gloves Going to Work, 1 of 4

September 21st, 2011

Paige Erin Turner is dressed up for work today but finds her first task of the day begins in her own driveway.  The Coronet is being it’s usual self and not wanting to start first thing in the morning.  It takes her a bit to get it going but once it’s running, she lays into the gas pedal to make up for lost time!

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  1. Paige Erin Turner Crank & Drive The Coronet / Pink Strap Stiletto Pumps Clip 1 Of 4

    Paige Erin Turner is going to do a four part driving series in the Coronet that is if she can get it started and running shes wearing a a candy striped blouse, black coat, black leather gloves, black skirt, sheer pantyhose, pink ankle strapped stiletto pumps. Paige gets in she puts her black leather gloves she then puts the key in the ignition the engine starts right up she doesn’t warm it up after putting the gear shift in drive the engine dies on her.

    Shish is using three maybe four cameras in this four part series it looks like hes using a mini cam behind the steering wheel that one is getting upper body shots of her face the other one is under the seat getting great footwell shot of Paige’s feet in those pink ankle stiletto pumps the other camera is hand held Shish is holding that one.

    Paige restarts the engine she puts the gear shift in drive she moves barely moves a foot when the engine dies again, now the engine wont start it sputters one time Paige is giving the Coronet short cranks you don’t see any footwell shots until about half way through the clip, when Paige pumps the gas pedal it takes Paige close to 9 min 30 Seconds to get the Coronet started its a good thing that she did because the battery is beginning to get weak now that Paige has the Coronet started and running.

    Paige is on her way to work so far the Coronet acts normal on the way to work the engine doesn’t stall at least in clip one. As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Paige is still driving. What will clip two bring us?? We will have to wait and find out until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀

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