Paige Erin Turner in Nylons & Gloves Going to Work, 2 of 4

Paige Erin Turner in Nylons & Gloves Going to Work, 2 of 4

October 3rd, 2011

Putting her driving gloves to good use, Paige hurries down the road to get to work on time.  Traffic isn’t too bad and she’s able to floor the gas pedal a lot.  She talks as she’s driving to take her mind off the dread of showing up in the office late.

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  1. Paige Erin Turner Crank & Drive The Coronet / Pink Strap Stiletto Pumps Clip 2 Of 4

    As we continue from clip one Paige is still driving Shish is getting mostly lower body shots from about mid thigh too her feet, Shish and Paige talk some through out the clip can’t understand what there saying, as Paige tries to go faster she presses down on the gas pedal three or four times with that 318 V8 under the hood Paige can’t get the Coronet to go no more then at least 50 mph.

    Its not until about the halfway mark in the clip that Shish switches on PIP at about the 9 o’clock position on the screen you will see upper body shots in PIP there’s a mini cam behind the brake pedal getting great video of Paige’s feet at one point as shes pressing down on the brake pedal you see the sole of Paige’s right shoe her feet look really sexy in these pink stiletto pumps. Paige asks Shish something about trying to go faster in the Coronet couldn’t understand everything she was asking Shish.

    So far it looks like a nice drive the Coronet is acting normally Paige stops at a red light she makes a right turn she stops at least one maybe two more stop lights before turning into the shopping center parking lot where she works. Paige parks the Coronet she shuts off the engine, with her right arm she reaches to the back seat on the floor to pick up her purse.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Paige gets out of the Coronet she closes the door.What will clip three bring us?? When Paige come out will she be able to get the Coronet to start?? With that electric fuel pump sometimes you have too hold down the gas pedal all the way to the floor to clear out the excess gas to get the engine to start.Will the engine start?:think:

    We will have to wait and find out in clip three until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀

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