Paige Erin Turner Cranks the Coronet & Takes Off, 2 of 2

Paige Erin Turner Cranks the Coronet & Takes Off, 2 of 2

August 23rd, 2011

Paige Erin Turner is dress in some super sexy and super tight Miss Sixty red leather pants.  She’s ready to go out tonight and have some fun.  She slides behind the wheel of the Coronet and begins the process of getting it started.  It takes a bit as the car hasn’t been started all day.  It keeps stalling on her but she manages to get it running and off she goes.  Not far from home, the car conks out and takes a minute to get going again.  Frustrated at her ordeal, she heads back home.

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  1. Paige Erin Turner Cranking & Driving The Coronet / Clip 2 Of 2

    As we continue from clip one clip two is clip one shot from a different angle as the clip begins Paige out on the deck down the stairs she gets in the Coronet. Shish is using three cameras a mini cam is mounted behind the pedals all of clip one was from that camera there’s another mini cam on the front seat getting footwell shots and either a hand cam or a camera mounted on the passenger side door getting upper body and footwell shots.

    Paige is pleading with the Coronet to start she says “I know you’ll start you started a minute ago.” As shes cranking and pumping it the engine sputters quite a few times Paige keeps cranking and pumping had she let the engine warm up for a couple of minutes she could have started the drive about a minute or two sooner. Paige grinds the starter at least one time wile shes cranking, it takes Paige close too 6:min 42:sec to get the engine started now that the engine is running Paige puts the gear shift in reverse to backup the Blazer is in the way. Paige is now going down the driveway she makes a left turn as shes on her way.

    Paige doesn’t drive that far she pulls into someones driveway so she can backup she goes back the way she came she doesn’t get too far down the street when without warning the engine dies on Paige, Paige tries too put the gear shift in neutral she puts it in reverse by mistake she grinds the revers gear a little bit before putting it in neutral she come to a compleat stop she puts the gear shift in park the Coronet is being a little temperamental it doesn’t want to start Page has to do some cranking and pumping to get it started it takes her close too 2:00 min to get it started now that she has the Coronet started she drives back too the house the rest of the drive is uneventful.

    Now that Paige is back at the house shes going down the driveway she passes by the blazer and a yellow SUV. Paige backs the Coronet into the same place where the Coronet was parked when this cranking and driving clip first started.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Paige has the Coronet parked she shuts off the engine she takes the keys out of the ignition the end.

    Paige you did a great cranking and driving clip. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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