Paige Erin Turner Revving the Coronet – #233

Paige Erin Turner Revving the Coronet – #233

June 21st, 2012

Paige has just returned home from a shopping trip and as she’s getting her wonderful new items out of the trunk, the old Dodge dies on her.  She is not happy and tells the car it’s going to regret it was ever born.  She gets back behind the wheel, starts it up and proceeds to rev it hard!  She even gets out to remove the air filter so she rev it harder.  After giving it a good beating, she leaves it running as she gathers her things from the trunk to take them inside.  She hasn’t walked away from the car for more than a few seconds before it dies again.  The look she gives it, I think the car just signed it’s death warrant…

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  1. Yep Yep Powerful Powerful Rev N!! 😀 😀 Very Hot Heels to and Love the Toe Clev.. ;D 😀 😀 Loved how she didnt Overkill it with Extreme Revving but Aggressive Pumpin.. 😀 😀 Letting the Coronet Who is IN Charge Until the end! *LOL* Liked the Under the Hood and Exhaust.. Thanks for throwing a Bone to us Rev Fans!! :p :p

  2. Paige Erin Turner Revving The Coronet / Black Stiletto Pumps / Custom # 233

    Paige has been shopping she pulls into the driveway she parks the Coronet she leaves the engine running, she opens the drivers door she walks to the back of the Coronet she opens the trunk she picks up a few of the packages she brought from her shopping spree. Paige is wearing a white blouse, black leather gloves, black pleaded skirt, black stiletto pumps, shes not wearing any pantyhose.

    With the engine running on the Coronet Paige looks at some of the packages that she brought shes so excited she opens a couple of the boxes she peeks inside them, then it happened the engine had the nerve to die on her. This makes Paige mad at the Coronet she says” this car is going to wish that it had never come out of the factory!”

    Paige walks over to the drivers side she gets in she pumps the gas pedal a few times she has to crank and pump the gas pedal a couple of times before the engine starts up, that’s when Paige decides shes going to teach the Cornet a lesson that its not going to forget she revs the engine good and loud .

    Shish is getting a mixture of whole body and footwell shots from the drivers side the trunk and the engine compartment, after revving the engine for under a minute Paige walks over to the front of the car she opens the hood she the removes the air-filter cowl off the carburetor. Shish also gets video of Paige’s feet and legs as shes taking the air-filter cowl off she lefts her left leg up about 18 inches showing those sexy feet and legs.

    Paige puts the air-filter cowl on the ground she gets back in the car she sits in the Coronet with her feet on the ground shes tapping her right foot on the ground the engine is still idling. Paige is still angry at the Coronet shes thinking what can I do next to this piece of crap of a car to show it whose the boss around here. Paige decides shes going to rev the hell out of the engine some more she gets the rpms up there really good and loud, not loud enough to where the engine would blow up.

    Shish also gets video from the passenger side getting some really great footwell shots of Paige’s right foot as shes revving the hell out of the engine. Shish walks to the rear of the Coronet from the passenger side getting video of the exhaust and the inside of the trunk as Paige is revving the engine. Shish walks back over to the drivers side getting a whole body shot of Paige revving the engine.

    Now that Paige has gotten her frustrations out on the Coronet with the engine idling she walks to the front of the Coronet she picks up the air-filter cowl she puts it back on the carburetor she closes the hood she walks back to the trunk she picks up a few packages she walks up the stairs on the wooden deck she doesn’t get to the sliding glass door the engine stalls again.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen the engine has just died Paige turns around if looks could kill the Coronet would die a horrible death. The End.

    Paige you did a great revving video your feet in those black stiletto pumps they look sexy in them who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it i sure did, the dialog you delivered is great. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. Hi!!!

    It was great, and please, do this types videos more and more, because the elegant secretary lady in business skirt with higheel with gloves and she is punishing the car /domination/!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the greatest combination.

    …as she promised to the car at the next stalling she will rev it so hard the Coronet will blow up!!!! So, is it the second part of this video??? I’m waiting for it, because it’s amazing movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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