Prue Starts & Revs the Bug in Hose & Pumps

Prue Starts & Revs the Bug in Hose & Pumps

December 17th, 2011

Prue gets a first-hand lesson in how temperamental the Bug can be sometimes.  She works the gas pedal in her stiletto, pointy-toed pumps and pantyhose, recalling old battles with her Firebirds of just how much gas the car needs to start.  The Bug sputters often and just when she thinks she has it, it gets flooded.  She does manage to get it started and does some warmup revving.

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  1. Prue Cranking & Revving The VW Super-Beetle / Cordovan Stiletto Heels /HD WMV

    PTP’s new model Prue is going to try to start the VW Superbug shes wearing black dress, white pearl necklace, white pearl bracelet, cordovan stiletto heels shear pantyhose. Prue gets in the bug it looks like it hasn’t been started for awhile, Prue is really trying to the bug to start she has her left foot on the clutch she pumps the pedal about one time the engine will not start she stops cranking she pumps the gas pedal one or two times she keeps doing this for the first six minutes.

    The gear shift is in first gear Prue lets off the clutch a little bit the bug lurches forward a little bit, with her left foot Prue presses the clutch back all the way down the engine sputters quite a bit Prue is really patient with the bug she doesn’t pump the gas pedal its more like shes pressing down on it.

    Shish is getting upper body shots and some really great closeups of Prue’s feet in what I think are cordovan stilettos, at least one time Prue with her right foot pushes the brake pedal down trying to get the bug to start that doesn’t work she does this one time she goes back to pumping the gas pedal wile shes cranking as for her cranking shes cranking the bug at about ten seconds intervals, she lets off the clutch between cranking when she goes back to cranking she presses the clutch, she finally gets the engine to start it only taken her 5:00min 57 sec to get the engine to start.

    For the rest of the clip Prue doesn’t really rev the engine she keeps the rpms of the engine up for the remainder of the clip.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Prue is revving the engine some and keeping the rpms up. The End.

    Prue for this being your first clip you did great got the hang of the bug really fast, there’s a driving clip of Prue driving the Volvo Scarlet is giving her a refresher course on driving a stick its going to be interesting to see how that comes out. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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