Tanyia Teaches Xaria to Drive a Stick

Tanyia Teaches Xaria to Drive a Stick

September 4th, 2009


We find Tanyia and Xaria stalled in the middle of the street on this overcast, rainy day.  This leftover clip has some good stuff in it…lots of cranking, a hot girl trying to learn how to drive a stick shift and some wet sneakers.  Just a note, there is very little pedal pumping shots in this clip as it was meant to be incorporated into the original video but I left it out because it really didn’t fit at the time.

One thought on “Tanyia Teaches Xaria to Drive a Stick”

  1. Loved the cranking and would love to have seen her chucks pressing on the pedal more. Still, very awesome to see a fox in chucks. Thanks.

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