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May 15th, 2023

5/15/2023: So Clips4Sale has taken away some very important admin options, mainly the ability to delete any files I upload from their servers. I’m currently halting any new updates to any of my C4S stores until I decide if I want to continue to use them as a platform to sell my content. I’m not interested in being held hostage to a queue that I must submit to in order to delete files of mine I’ve uploaded.

I will begin adding custom videos to our Clips4Sale store soon. For those that haven’t noticed, I merged the two PTP C4S stores I had into one store:

In the past, I’ve always had things separated where you’d never see the same clip in two places. That will hold true for member clips but PTP Store clips will also be posted the C4S store. This will mainly be for any future videos I add starting today but I will probably move some of the ones I’ve already put in the PTP Store over to C4S.

I will not be adding videos that are already posted in our C4S store to the PTP store. This is going to be a one-way thing where PTP Store clips will be added to the C4S store and not the other way around. All videos that have been previously posted in the C4S store will remain in the C4S store and not be moved to the PTP Store.

No new custom orders are being taken right now as I still have some lingering from previous shoots that got canceled and rescheduled. I don’t know when I’ll be opening up for new orders but as always, keep an eye on the main page and model page for updates. I will be putting together a Customs FAQ page here soon to address a lot of questions that get asked.

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