Driving Fans – Give Me Some Input

May 5th, 2017

So I asked for some general input a while back and all the emails I received were great! Some of the requests I had to go look through some clips to see if I have anything to update with, which I do and have scheduled, other things I’m going to have to add to my ‘to do’ list and create videos. I got a lot of cranking, revving and mixed clip suggestions but I noticed that I didn’t get much driving specific input. So what I’m looking for is input from you driving fetishists out there.
Is there more to the driving fetish than just a girl driving fast and slamming the pedal down? What are some specifics about non-speeding or non-aggressive driving clips that do it for you?
Shoot me an email with some details at shishkbob@localhost and put ‘Driving Clips’ in the subject line please.

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