Jane Domino & Vivian Ireene Pierce Open for Customs

January 15th, 2018

**Feb 13, 2018: All Customs Closed**
Customs are open for Jane Domino & Vivian Ireene Pierce. Jane Domino is only available for duet customs with Vivian at this time. Vivian is available for duet customs and solo customs. Please pay attention to the dates listed on their profile page. Also, please make outfits seasonal appropriate. Even though the weather has been like a merry-go-round, if you want something like a short skirt and tank top, provide warm options in case the weather is too cold. Otherwise, I won’t accept your custom form.
Also, please read all the information that is pre-filled in the boxes on the form, it answers most questions people have. If you still have a question that isn’t answered in the information I’ve provided, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at: sales@localhost

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