Store Success & Vivian Customs

Store Success & Vivian Customs

October 27th, 2022

Only took 18 years to get it done but hey, it’s done! I’m so glad to finally have it open and it’s been great seeing the orders come through with only a few issues that had to be worked out. I appreciate the feedback from those that did experience issues as well as being patient as we worked through them. Does that mean there will never be anymore problems that pop up? Doubtful. So please, if you do experience an issue that is preventing you from making a purchase, let me know so I can help.

Customs will be open soon for Vivian. She is coming for an extended shoot next month, so we should be able to bang out a good bit of customs. She also will be bringing along her step-daughter, so that will be fun for some family pedal pumping adventures. Keep an eye out for when her customs go up.

Since I will have a good bit of time with Vivian and her step-daughter, we’ll be able to add customs to our schedule as we bang them out. So, if you don’t get invoiced right away, hang tight and there’s a good chance that we can get to yours. I don’t like to invoice every custom the moment it comes in and, instead, will take a batch to get started with and then invoice one here, two there and so on as we work through them. This way, we’re not overwhelmed in case some unforeseen situations arise.

You can order a custom by going to her model page here.

4 thoughts on “Store Success & Vivian Customs”

  1. I have an amazing idea for a custom for Vivian. Hope it can get worked into a custom video. Hope you and Vivian are well btw.

  2. Sorry I missed this. She is 20, so definitely of age to do anything (within our limits, of course). However, she can’t drive on public roads due to not having a license. So any driving would be on our property (parking, moving, trying to leave but car stalls, etc) but cranking, revving and things like that are fine and something I’ll be introducing her to when she’s here.

  3. @Josiah, send away! I hope we can get to it too. We are well, thank you! Ready to offer up some sacrifices to the car gods for cooperating vehicles during this upcoming shoot. lol

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