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0622 – Cassandra Leather Pants & Strappy Sandals Hard Revving the Monte


Outfit & Shoes
Skin-tight leather pants and strappy leather high heeled sandals

It is late afternoon Cassandra is dressed up for a night of partying later on this evening. She looks hot and she knows it. She feels especially bad-ass and wicked and is out to tear it up in the Monte Carlo for a little sadistic fun. Yes, Cassandra is very very very bad!

I want you to film Cassandra walking out to the car and getting in viewing from low sexy angles. ShisH you have film several videos for me over the years and I think you know the camera angles that I like and the fact that I don’t like close-up foot well shot. Use your best judgment. We want to film her walking out to the car and getting in, and don’t forget to capture that hot little ass from low angles :).

Could you get a 30 second front angle on the car with it desperately rocking when she’s revving the hell out of it and blasted smoke out the rear end at some point in the video. Keep the engine compartment hood closed at all time in this video.

For about the last couple of minutes filming will be from inside the car with all doors shut, since she is about to drive off anyway. The car stalls a good bit as she’s trying to leave and some nice flooded hot starting where she has to pump it a lot to get it going.

At the end of the video she pulls out onto the street and revs the car into a screaming climax and then tears out of there leaving some rubber on the road. Cassandra knows how to really rev a car, so let her be creative in her revving style with this general set of parameters:
Cassandra you’re out to tear it up, because it makes you feel hot!!! Put this bitch (the car) into purgatory and see what kind of desperate screaming noises you can make it do. I like the way the car gasp for Air when you give it a good shot hard on the gas pedal and howls when you put it to the carpet for 2 to 4 seconds. The engine compartment is your torture chamber and the V8 contained therein is you hapless slave. So make it go berserk under the hood…. just because you can 😉

Length: 11:19

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 444 MB

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  1. mirekstejskal (verified owner)

    Fantastic video

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