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1459 – Dirty Diana Revving Her Subaru WRX


Outfit & Shoes
White/yellow dress with high heels strappy sandals

Diana hop in her Subaru WRX talking at the cellphone. “Take care my dear, just close the calling I will floor gas pedal for you, I promise! Bye my baby, bye!
Diana closes the calling and immediately put down the gas to the carpet, as promised. She remains in this position for some bits then she starts engine and make a wonderful hard revving for her babyboy looking the camera in sexy way.
Towards the end Diana off the engine and keep the gas down 20 seconds in a perfect silence.
Camera angle: passenger’s side (I wish to see whole Diana) and some pedal shots. Thank you Shish.

Length: 5:57

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 519 MB


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