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1222 – Jewels Takes the BMW for a Spin & Changes Shoes


Outfit & Shoes
No specific outfit, Jewels choice/whatever she’s wearing on the day
Shoes: 2x shoes total (changed in video). 1 pair heels, and 1 pair flats/sneakers. Again no preference, whatever Jewels fancies on the day.

– 10 mins runtime, scene timings only approximate, feel free to bend them slightly.
– Convertible roof can be kept closed
– No scripted speech from me, if Jewels wants to add her own comments that’s cool

0-1 min: Jewels walks up to the car wearing her heels. She gets in, starts the engine, and drives off into the distance (outside camera shots)

1-4 mins: Jewels driving along various roads/different speeds. (inside camera shots, POV passenger side. Mix of shots, close-ups on Jewels, steering wheel, pedals etc – the usual stuff)

4-7 mins: Jewels pulls over on the side of the road, gets out the drivers seat, and collects her other shoes (flats) from the trunk. She gets in the backseat and stretches her legs out, and changes into the new shoes. Jewels then puts the heels in the trunk, returns to the drivers seat and drives off again down the road. (outside camera shot of Jewels approaching and pulling over. Same outside shot of her getting the shoes, with the camera following her into the backseat. Continued outside shot of her getting out again, putting the heels away and driving off.

7-10 mins: Jewels now driving along in the flats (similar inside shots as earlier, steering wheel, pedal close-ups etc). End of video

Thanks guys, have fun filming

Length: 15:45

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.53 GB


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