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1436 – Paige Erin Turner Leather Outfit Driving the Z28 to the Store


Outfit & Shoes
Fitted black dressy sweater, black leather jacket, black boot-cut leather pants and black leather high heel boots.

Watching Paige getting dressed up. And then she’s walking through the house to outside and walking to her car. Just hearing those sexy sounds of her high heel boots when she walks! Then she gets in the car and starts it up and does a little revving. Then shes driving out and letting loose! And she’s flooring it down the road and asking me if I’m enjoying the ride!!

She spends a few minutes getting dressed…going from her birthday suit to fully clothed in her black sweater, black leather jacket, black leather pants and black leather boots. She does a good cold start of the car, getting it started within a few tries. It stalls on her as she’s backing out because it’s not properly warmed up. It stalls on her a few more times before she gets it going. She gets it re-fired and heads out.

She stops at the gas station to get gas in the old beast before getting in and getting back on the road to head to the store. She makes it to the store, gets out and browses through the store for a bit in her leather outfit. Once done, she heads back out to her old Camaro, fires it up and speeds home!

**That high-pitched whine @12:33 is the power steering pump going out. That made turning the car extremely difficult when going at slow speeds. But she managed like a pro!**

Length: 26:29

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.62 GB


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