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1379 (Extended) – The Pierce’s Battle It Out to See Who Can Rev the Jeep the Best


Outfit & Shoes
Persephone – Pink Cork Wedge Sandal with Purple Nail Polish (She will use her mom’s pink cork wedge sandal)
Vivian – Brown Wedge Sandal with Red Nail Polish

**This clip adds in about 10+ minutes of an exhaust/rear shot of the Jeep while the girls rev. See screenshot.
It’s the battle of a mom and daughter to see who rev the most aggressive and the most frequent. The camera will start with Vivian starting the car and the camera will pan extremely close to her toes as Vivian will try to rev and slam the pedal the hardest and the fastest she could. About at least 5 minutes later, Persephone will do the same thing her mom did and try to do it better while the camera still pan extremely close to her toes.

Length: 23:41

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.04 GB


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