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1355 – Vivian Ireene Pierce in “Can’t Get the Car Started Sweetie”


Outfit & Shoes
Scene Day 1: Leggings and sweater @ ~7 minutes.
Scene Day 2: Leggings and long PJ shirt @ ~7 minutes.

I will order the slides for this but both pairs are flat, thin single band dressy slides.

I freakin LOVE this custom:!! I would like to remake two versions of this video with Vivian @ 6-8 minutes each. The only change I ask is to have a “behind the pedal” or driver side feet (whichever works best) PiP view instead of the face view..

And, that’s it! I wanted to keep them simple and just let Vivian have a flooded fight.

Length: 16:08

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.41 GB

3 reviews for 1355 – Vivian Ireene Pierce in “Can’t Get the Car Started Sweetie”

  1. dakinggp33 (verified owner)

    Ah, Mommy Vivian is the best Vivian, especially when you’re in the backseat and she’s cranking a car that’s flooded beyond belief.

  2. agile2 (verified owner)

    One of the greatest flooded cranking clips I’ve seen! I love Vivian’s reaction to the Monte and her pumping really shines during the struggle. Job well done!!

  3. spa271150 (verified owner)

    Exceptional! What a wonderful clip or clips if you like. Vivian was amazing, such a great actress and once again she plays the role to perfection. I loved the shoe choices, both sets of slides looked great on Vivian’s pretty little feet.
    Then there was the car itself which spluttered and teased throughout.
    And excellent job by all involved, an absolute classic flooded cranking clip. 10/10

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