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1355 (Foot View 1) – Vivian Ireene Pierce in “Can’t Get the Car Started Sweetie”


Outfit & Shoes
Scene Day 1: Leggings and sweater @ ~7 minutes.
Scene Day 2: Leggings and long PJ shirt @ ~7 minutes.

I will order the slides for this but both pairs are flat, thin single band dressy slides.

**This is just the tan flats feet on the pedals view**
I freakin LOVE this custom:!! I would like to remake two versions of this video with Vivian @ 6-8 minutes each. The only change I ask is to have a “behind the pedal” or driver side feet (whichever works best) PiP view instead of the face view..

And, that’s it! I wanted to keep them simple and just let Vivian have a flooded fight.

Length: 7:49

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 339 MB


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