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1424 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Brown Leather Jacket & Riding Boots Chevy Cold Start


Outfit & Shoes
Brown leather jacket, jeans, shiny brown leather riding boots

Vivian heads to the Monte Carlo to give it a cold start to see if it’ll run. She walks up to you and says, “Give me the keys, I’m driving.

She gets in the car and filming is from the back seat over her shoulder. She tries getting the car started but it won’t start. It sputters and chugs while she slowly pumps the gas in her boots. She gives the car some pauses from time to time because she doesn’t want to flood it too bad but it’s already too late. The battery ends up getting weak and dies from all her attempts at starting the car.

Back seat over the shoulder, a few closeups of her boots pumping the gas pedal and a view looking up from the passenger side floor seeing her from head to as much of the boots you can capture in one shot. Not worried about seeing the pedal during that last angle.

Length: 11:30

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.07 GB

1 review for 1424 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Brown Leather Jacket & Riding Boots Chevy Cold Start

  1. cranker18 (verified owner)

    I’m sure the car doesn’t like this weather, cold and damp. Maybe it was parked for a few days. So it’s Vivians turn to get the car started. She pumps slowly to coax the engine to start. The Monte teases her, it sputters here and there, sometimes she got it started but it dies after a few seconds. Over the minutes all the persistent cranking takes a toll on the battery. It gets slower and slower with each try.

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