Jeanell's Profile

Shoe Size:  6.5 or 7

Favorite Type of Shoe:  wedge sandals, high heels, and flip flops

Smokes:  no

Favorite Car:  Trans Am or Camaro

What cars do you or have you owned?
I have had a 1992 25th Anniversary Camaro (purple), 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and a 1992 Honda Civic.

Worst Car Trouble Experience:
Being stranded at school, (an hour away from home) with no one to help me.  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong . . . but the battery thermal was broke in half.  lol  That was soooo bad.

Joined PTP: January 8, 2006

From: North Alabama

Birthdate: August 12, 1986