• Hana Revving the Bug – #517
    Starring - October 4th, 2015


    She just got out of the shower and is drying off in her robe on the couch.  After a few moments of her on the couch we cut to her walking outside, in the dark, with her robe and some shiny high heels on.  She gives you a sexy revving….

  • Brooke Drives the Coronet – #566
    Starring - October 2nd, 2015


    She offers you a ride, how can you refuse?  She drives aggressive, mashing the pedal down and driving this big old car on these roads faster than she should.  Those white pumps work the gas and brake like a pro and the sheer hose glisten in the sun!  She gives….

  • Damara_mixed_71vwbus_mulesbarefootcranknrev-pic

    Let’s kick off October with a hot clip from Damara!  This clip has some fast action pumping while cranking and some hard revving in mules at first but then she goes barefoot.  Close-ups of her green toenail polish and toes pressing down on that floor mounted gas pedal!  That poor….

  • RockellStarbux_crank_86montecarlo_grayOTKbootsfrustratedfuckit-pic

    It’s not good for a car to give Rockell Starbux a hard time.  She’s got a big foot that can put a hurtin on the gas pedal when the car doesn’t cooperate.  She battles for almost 12 minutes with the Monte Carlo and a few times, it looked as if….

  • Cassandra Cranking the Volvo – #413
    Starring - September 29th, 2015


    Just another daily battle with the Volvo for Cassandra.  Lots of quick pumping in this clip with upper body shots and over the shoulder shots.  The Volvo is sputtering at her but it just ain’t startin!!

  • KimberlyHeart_drive_77camaro_custom449-pic

    We pick up with Kimberly having issues with her gas pedal sticking to the floor.  It’s not the first time it’s happened, so she’s not too worried about and manages to get it unstuck.  With a sigh of relief, she mumbles about needing to get a new car when suddenly,….

  • Mandie_mixed_86wagoneer_longskirtbootslateforworkaggressive-pic

    She’s already running behind and she still has to battle with the Jeep on this cold, damp morning.  She pumps it a bunch before spinning it over and turns the key, quickly pumping it while cranking it.  She knows it’s going to take a bit but damn, after a half….

  • TracyBlazeVivianIreenePierce_mixed_multiple_pedalpumpingshenanigansstrappysandals-pic

    This is a 52+ minute video of driving, revving, cold starting, cranking at the gas station and some stalling in various cars with these two gals!  Both are wearing strappy stiletto sandals with jeans and leather jackets.  Enjoy this feast!!

  • Hana Cranking the Coronet – #314
    Starring - September 25th, 2015


    Hana is giving a classmate a ride home.  They’re both taking some night classes and as they walk to the car, the cold is getting to Hana a bit.  Her car is temperamental, so it takes some work to try and get it started.  She reassures her friend that it’s….

  • CassandraLaney_drive_77camaro_pantyrunflipflops-pic

    Gotta head to the store to get some panties because Laney, well, she prefers going commando! Lol!  Cassandra drives first while Laney films.  Sorry that she doesn’t get any foot shots, it was her first time filming.  Laney drives on the way back and Cassandra is filming and getting some….