• CuratorCassandra_mixed_multiple_logentry006-pic

    “I had to make a quick drive in the Jeep with Shish tonight.  I didn’t expect anyone to show up this late so I was in my jammies and Uggs…oh well, it’s only Shish, he’ll live.  Good thing my art gallery filing can wait till the morning.” “Came in to work….

  • VivianIreenePierce_mixed_1970volvo_coldstartweakbatteryredboots-pic

    Vivian gets in the Volvo to start it up while Cassandra is behind the wheel of the Bug (with Scarlet filming).  You can see Cassandra cranking and moving the Bug through the windshield while Vivian works on getting Volvo cranked up.  It’s a genuine old start cold start and requires….

  • Tinsley_mixed_multiple_hotdayjumpstartflatsandals-pic

    Tinsley is revving that Bus pretty good to get some juice in the dead battery in the Jeep.  After a bit of revving, she climbs in the Jeep to give it another round of cranking and at least it’s got juice…for a short while.  She kills the battery again and….

  • Vassanta_mixed_multiple_dailytroublesredboots-pic

    It’s not her day today as the Bus and Monte Carlo are both refusing to start.  This first clip, she’s trying to cranking the old Bus in her sexy red knee high boots.  The 2nd part is her cranking on that Monte Carlo that does eventually start after a ton….

  • Barb Revving the Jeep – #363
    Starring - February 27th, 2015


    She gets in the Jeep with just just her left boot on and tall socks.  She revs up the engine with her socked right foot and then about halfway, slips on her other boot and finishes out the revving session.

  • Scarlet Cranking the Bug – #430
    Starring - February 26th, 2015


    The Bug was out of gas, so Scarlet is filling it up before she tries starting it.  She gets in and starts pumping the gas a lot, hopefully getting the fuel from the tank to the engine.  Her leather pumps go to town working those pedals but it’s not wanting….

  • KMoLoLo_mixed_86montecarlo_pumpsNbootsleggingsNjeanssmoking-pic

    Well, they just aren’t going to make it to the club tonight.  The Monte just teases the hell out of the girls, thinking that it’s finally going to start only to sputter and die, crushing their hopes and dreams in a puff of exhaust fumes!  But they aren’t ready to….

  • Hana_drive_01ss_custom303(extended)-pic

    Cassandra is riding shotgun as Hana gets to take the Camaro SS out for some fun driving.  They stop to fill up the tank and chat a bit as they pump gas.  Hana gets some munchies in the store, even though I specifically told her not to eat anything in the….

  • Cassandra Cranking the Volvo – #431
    Starring - February 20th, 2015


    Cassandra is having trouble starting the Volvo to head over to PTP HQ for some filming today.  She tries priming the carb really good before spinning it over and that seems to do the trick.  She puts it in reverse and is on her way.  We fade out and fade….

  • RileySugarMomma_crank_77camaro_momtotherescue-pic

    Riley can’t seem to get the car started.  The Camaro can be finicky at times and this must be one of them.  She’s been trying for a short while to get it cranked in her thong flat sandals and after finally admitting defeat, she calls her mom for help.  Sugarmomma….