• Tinsley_mixed_multiple_sexycowgirlinbootscartrouble-pic2

    It’s so easy on the eyes to watch the gorgeous Tinsley drive that old Camaro!  Those tight pants, that low-cut top and her hot little cowgirl boots working the pedals!  Things are going good until she’s coming to a stop sign and you can hear the engine of the Camaro….

  • MadalynnRaye_mixed_86montecarlo_shortdresshosepumpsgloves-pic

    We’re back riding shotgun with Maddy as she cruises around in the Monte Carlo.  Those long legs over hers stretch out to work the pedals as her gloved hands work the steering wheel and key.  The car conks out on her once, at a stop sign, but doesn’t give too….

  • Hana Out of Gas in the Coronet – #476
    Starring - December 14th, 2014


    She ran out of gas driving the old Coronet and has just gotten back to the car after walking to get gas.  She empties the small gas can into the tank and hopefully it’ll be enough to get her to the gas station.  She gets in the car and tries….

  • ScarletCassandra_drive_1970volvo_creepystalkerguyfollowing-pic

    As they pull out of the driveway, Scarlet is driving, they notice this vehicle immediately starts to follow them.  They nervously talk about it and Scarlet tries to outrun this creeper in the old Volvo.

  • KimberlyHeart_rev_77camaro_custom440-pic

    She fires up the Camaro and does one really sexy, flirty and fun revving video in a pair of pink stiletto pumps!  You can’t help but love this gal and the way she works it in that drivers seat!  Check out the outtake at the end of the clip.

  • Candle_crank_72superbug_nightvisionotkboots-pic

    She’s trying to start the Bug as you film her using your night vision camera.  She’s already annoyed and the Bug isn’t helping her calm or the fact that she already feels humiliated because the car won’t start.  But when she sees herself on the video, she immediately thinks of….

  • Damara Cranking the Coronet – #542
    Starring - December 9th, 2014


    She’s walking down the driveway with you when she sees that the Coronet is here.  She gets excited and begs you to let her drive it, which you agree to it.  She gets in and tries starting it but it’s not firing up.  She quickly pumps the gas in her….

  • KMoLoLo_mixed_86montecarlo_pumpsNbootsleggingsNjeanssmoking-pic

    I doubt these gals have ever experienced a car like the Monte Carlo.  It’s been sitting for a good while and they’re going to try to get it started and take it out.  Kmo slips behind the wheel in her red leather jacket, skin tight liquid leggings and a pair….

  • VivianIreenePierce_mixed_1970volvo_custom354-pic

    Vivian is heading to a modeling gig and is taking the stick-shift Volvo.  She’s got a cute little outfit on with some really sexy high heels.  She jams the clutch in and tries to start the car.  No luck, she tries again….damn!  Maybe if she takes her shoes off she….

  • Scarlet Driving the Camaro SS – #339
    Starring - December 6th, 2014


    Scarlet let’s it loose as she drives around in the Camaro SS in a pair of white patent high heels!  She’s talking to you, asking if you’re enjoying the ride and the view of her legs as she pulls her skirt up from time to time.  She romps on the….