Site Overhaul, Email Me Any Issues You’re Experiencing

February 25th, 2021

Hey folks, I hope you all like the new look! Mobile users should definitely notice a visual change, hopefully for the better. It may take a little time to get familiar with the slight changes of how things are displayed. Some things to highlight:
-Desktop users will find that when you mouse-over thumbnails, you’ll see information and clickable options.
-The option to now search within a specific period of time.
-All models listed alphabetically on the model page.

Current issues I’m aware of and trying to get resolved:
-I had the ‘Download’ button changed to where it’s truly a download option. When clicked normally, you would be prompted to save the file on your local device. But right now, there is a redirect issue that is causing an error at time. Refreshing the page works to bypass this error when you receive it the first time and you can then either stream or right-click on the ‘Download’ button and save the file to your device — like how it’s always been.

If you encounter any broken links, errors or problems navigating the site, please email what you’re experiencing to

4 thoughts on “Site Overhaul, Email Me Any Issues You’re Experiencing”

  1. The search function now has the date specified to search for 1 month in the past from the current date, this means if you use it as before and just search a term it’ll only search what has been uploaded in the past month, and you manually have to set it back years if you want to see everything

  2. Hi there,
    I like the new format but it’s much harder to find your older videos. Especially the stuck videos which are my personal fav but because you all don’t do those kinds of videos often, i end up going back in time to re-visit some of the older ones which are still great and totally hot. So how do I go to access the new videos vs the old ones? And can I go about it the same way whether i’m on a computer vs my ipad etc? Of course I have to ask too,.. any more stuck videos coming soon? Preferably with a stick shift.
    Those are the best! And so are you all! Thanks again.

  3. On the main video page there’s a category you can click and it’ll just show stuck

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